Special projects: Vestibule remodelling
furniture steltman.jpg

This wonderful opportunity to remodel an entire vestibule area came about as a result of needing to find a fitting home for a mirrored pair of Rietveld Steltman chairs.  These iconic chairs fit perfectly into the new home.

The backdrop for the chairs is a screen of maple batons and painted panels.  The screen itself was inspired by the parting screen in the interior of the Brazilian foreign ministry in Brasilia.


The utility meters and their associated  paraphernalia are all neatly hidden behind this delicate box cabinet.  It is constructed of a solid maple frame and maple veneered board. Access is disguised by the fact that the removable panels 'touch to open' leaving a sheer front. 

vest 01a.jpg
vest 02.JPG

The turn down on the shop made skirting board marks the original transition point between vestibule and hall.  


The challenge here was to lower the skirting on transition to allow for the full height of the room to be used to display the screen.


The three step reduction over two axis not only follows the scheme of the original skirting on the opposing wall but also reflects the stepped ending of the screen as it runs into the hall. 

vest 08.jpg

The finishing touch is this simple, decorative and very useful run of coat hooks.  They follow the same colour scheme as the screen panels and are also of solid maple.