Special projects: Tree house.

Garden buildings needn't be run of the mill!  Just as a summer house doesn't necessarily need to be on the ground! 

The tree house

This delightful outdoor space is constructed entirely of birch plywood and Scandinavian redwood.  The off set curve to the roof isn't only an interesting design quirk.  The primary reason for it is to reduce wind pressure from behind the structure.

The arbor of the supporting tree coming trough the floor along with the door handles being turned out of waste from the tree are two of my favourite features.

Internal decorating and simple, functional, fitted furniture add the finishing touches.  

The seat folds out into a bed, perfect for a summer camp-out in the garden.

The circular window, curved roof and shaped opening sash really set this enchanting outdoor space aside from the norm.

Its a fun place to play, a relaxing place to unwind and a pleasure to look out on.

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