These services aren't the full story! Life is a challenge and challenge results in growth.  Please feel free to contact us about any woodworking project.
Bespoke space creating storage

Forest Edge Woodcrafts excel at making the most of your home.

Almost every home has space that is crying out to be used more effectively.  Drawing on the experience gained over the years we take great pride in providing innovative designs and ideas to revolutionise how you use the space around you.  

Fitted furniture and cabinet making

At Forest Edge Woodcrafts it has always been important to keep classical cabinet making alive! Be it an entire kitchen or simply lovely free standing items of furniture. Each piece is designed and built with the end user in mind.  


All fitted furniture is truly made to measure, a term too often misused! 

Contemporary styles, modern materials
fitted bp bed 01.jpg

Original designs and innovative features are what really makes Forest Edge Woodcrafts stand out from the crowd.  


For instance, using high quality birch plywood is attractive, durable and ecologically sound. Using intelligent designs that aim to minimise material waste and maximise the use of space  offers interesting and practical results that don't cost the earth.