Special projects: Hand crafted oak kitchen

This was a fantastic opportunity to apply some new features to a classic design.

All doors, drawer boxes and fronts as well as the cabinets themselves are truly 'made to measure'.

The cornice along this run of cabinets can be detached and the shelving unit removed to accommodate changing the refrigerator at a later date.

This wall unit and shelves are separate from the main body of the kitchen.  The shelves are tapered as they lead toward a narrowed door way.  This cabinet, and the cornice, are made of reclaimed oak.

As all of the cabinets were made to measure it was possible to raise the height of the toekick to include floor running drawers.  These are hung on double extension bearing runners with a load capacity of 45kg.  This allows easy access to heavy items.

The whole project was a joy to undertake. Flat panels on face and raised on the inner lends to authenticity, while the use of modern hardware makes maximum use of the space available.

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