Special projects:  Bargeboard restoration.

Templates were taken of the existing woodwork to calculate the dimensions of the circular forms and curves.​

Time eventually won over on these beautiful pitch pine victorian barge boards.  Originally crafted out of one solid 50mm (2") board per side.

The repairs are made of Accoya™, an exceptionally durable engineered timber. 

boards 03.jpg
boards 10.jpg
boards 02.jpg
boards 07_edited.jpg
boards 05.jpg

The basic shapes are formed and then the templates applied to create the actual shapes ready to have the moulding routed.

The finial could only have been made possible with a high quality template. The original template was rendered to scale using an ingenious method of street level photography, a stick and graph paper!  I have to hand all credit for this to a Mr. J. Morgan of Brancepeth, a maverick problem solver.

The method of manufacture for this section was 336 trench cuts across an octagonal column formed from 100mmx100mm Accoya™. Then shaped with a power file.

boards 09.jpg

A lovely result and a real appreciation of the quality of yester-years crafts people.

archi boards 09.jpg