About Forest Edge Woodcrafts

Forest Edge Woodcrafts is based in Durham and works throughout the north east of England and beyond...

The aim

At Forest Edge Woodcrafts the aim is simple; to improve your living space.  Drawing on a wealth of experience in developing ideas that are individual as you are you can be confident you will always be part of the picture.  

Truely bespoke

Bespoke and 'made to measure' are terms often misused. The Forest Edge philosophy is to only use high quality raw materials. Be that softwoods, hardwoods or high grade birch and veneered plywoods.  By making many of the components for each project in house gives freedom from the constraints of relying on suppliers.     


This allows us to bring the possible, the practical and the desired into your project.

Not just a business

Forest Edge Woodcrafts is largely the work of a single craftsman, collaborating with like minded craftspeople when the need arises.  Forest Edge Woodcrafts has always been driven by a passion for detail, testing the possible and leaving the customer with something they've always wanted.